With the release of Madden NFL 13 getting closer and closer, we thought that it would be interesting to take a look at how Electronic Arts has tweaked the features for this year.


The presentation of this game has been re-tweaked completely. The commentary is being headed by Phil Simms and Jim Nantz. EA has injected over 200 different cutscenes that will appear between plays. Halftime shows have been eliminated completely. The lighting in the stadium will change based on the time of the game instead of just changing at quarters.


Passing has also been opened up in a variety of ways. EA improved the left-analog stick passing controls so you can place the ball on a receiver's back shoulder, out toward the sideline, up high, down low, and other places where only your receiver can get it. Madden 13 integrates new pass trajectories and ball speeds to open up more areas of the field in the passing game.


Artificial intelligence has also been improved to make the game more difficult. A few of the changes include that defenses disguise their man or zone coverage before the snap so offenses can't try to use motion to uncover the defense's plans, Defenses line-up opposite receivers in a best-on-best designation, and neither receivers nor defensive backs react to a ball unless they are expecting it.


Commentary has been drastically improved this year. Over 9,000 unique lines have been recorded to keep the game fresh. This will allow you to play Madden for hours at a time without hearing the same commentary over and over again.

Do you think that these tweaks to the gameplay and features of Madden are enough? Or would you like for them to tweak the gameplay and features even further? Please tell us in the comments.

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