The Tridents were a fantasy team that hailed from the city of Aquilonius in Atlantis. They were very tall players nearly 8 to 10 feet tall and were very good at stopping both your defense, offense, and special teams. Their overall from Madden NFL 08 to Madden NFL 12 stayed at 99.

Atlantis Stadium Edit

The stadium the Tridents play in is called Atlantis Stadium. It has a Greek feel to it and is also played on a island of its own and the game is played on sand instead of grass, turf, etc. The stadium has a capacity of roughly 60,000 or so.

Tridents Bio Edit

A massive and intimidating team, the Tridents are ready to plow through your ranks and make you wish you'd never put your cleats on.

League Message Edit

Hailing from the newly discovered continent of Atlantis, the Tridents are a giant, hard-hitting, warrior-like team. Their increased size allows them to deal punishing blows and break tackles easily.

Uniforms Edit

Home: Helmet, Jersey, and Pants - Beige and Green Trident.

Away: Helmet, Jersey, and Pants - Blue and Green Trident.

Trivia Edit

  • Even though they play at their own stadium, their entire stadium seems to be just the only populace building around for miles.
  • Their uniforms and name bare resemblance to the Greek God Poseidon (Latin God Neptune).
  • Even though they are very tall players, the shorter NFL players can easily pass by them with ease.
  • The Tridents location name could either be Aquilonius Tridents or Atlantis Tridents.


(PS2) Madden NFL 12 unlockable teams

(PS2) Madden NFL 12 unlockable teams

Madden NFL 12 Fantasy Teams (Tridents are at14:05)