South River Ecko Edit

The South River Ecko hail from South River, New Jersey. They have an overall of 99 and have no unique special abilities. They appeared from Madden NFL 2001 to Madden NFL 2003.

Ecko Stadium Edit

Ecko Stadium is where the South River Ecko team plays. It has a grass field surface type with a capacity of roughly 75,000. It actually has similar designs to EA Stadium where the Redwood City EA Sports team plays with the only difference being the art work and labeling of the end zones. In the PS2 version however, both Ecko and EA Sports do not play in the same stadium.

Ecko Bio (Madden NFL 2001 to Madden NFL 2003): Edit

Team Ecko's roster is filled with the popular clothing apparel's "MVP's".

Uniform Edit

Home: Red helmet, Red jersey with white and black shoulder stripes, red pants with black and white stripes.

Away: Red helmet, white jersey with red and black shoulder stripes, white pants with black and red stripes.

Trivia Edit

  • Both EA Sports and Ecko teams share the same stadium on PS, N64, and PC Versions. In the PS2 version, EA Sports and Ecko do not share the same stadium.
  • In Madden NFL 2001, Ecko has a player named "Xzibit" who also sings the intro song of Madden NFL 2001 and "The Mad in the Game" as well.
  • In Madden NFL 2002, Ecko has a player named "Pharoahe Monch" who also sings the intro song of Madden NFL 2002.
  • Ecko is actually a real brand based on urban lifestyle clothing.
  • Ecko is the only unlockable team where its Madden Card on PS2 version comes with both the team and the stadium.
  • Xzibit is on the Ecko team as a Left End for Madden NFL 2001 while Pharoahe Monch is on Fullback for Madden NFL 2002.