Scottish Claymores Edit

The Claymores hail from Glasgow, Scotland as part of the NFL Europe league. They have a overall range from 35 to 60. They have no special abilities as they were an actual NFL team. They appeared from Madden NFL 2001 to Madden NFL 2005 since they ceased operations in 2004. They won the NFL World Bowl once in 1996 but have played in the World Bowl 2000 game.

Glasgow Stadium Edit

The Claymores play in Glasgow Stadium. It has a grassy surface type with a capacity of roughly 40,000 people.

Uniforms Edit

Home: Silver Helmet, Blue Jersey, Silver Pants with a Blue stripe.

Away: Silver Helmet, White Jersey, Silver Pants with a Blue stripe.

Trivia Edit

  • The Claymores first appeared in Madden NFL 2001 but the name Claymores wasn't officially recorded until Madden NFL 2002.
  • They get their name from the mythological stories of King Arthur.
  • Like the Admirals, their uniform changes were only on the jersey.

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