Rome Praetorians Edit

The Rome Praetorians hail from Rome, Italy. They only appear in Madden NFL 2000 across all of the game's platforms. They have an offense overall of 89, a defense overall of 77, and a special teams overall of 71. The combined overall is 81. They have no ability but they bare resemblance to Roman Legions from the Roman Empire days.

Coliseum Stadium Edit

The Praetorians play in the fictional stadium of Coliseum Stadium in Rome, Italy with a capacity of roughly 55,000.

Uniforms Edit

Home: Gold helmets, Gold jerseys, Blue pants.

Away: Gold helmets, Gold jerseys, Red Pants.

Trivia Edit

  • The stadium's surface is a mix of dirt and mud.
  • The stadium also resembles a coliseum.
  • The helmets of the Praetorians look like Legion Soldier Helmets from the Roman Empire days.

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