Redwood City EA Sports Edit

The Redwood City EA Sports were a developer team made by EA Tiburon between Madden NFL 98 and Madden NFL 2004. They had an overall of 99 and the uniforms of EA Sports team were later used as the AFC and NFC uniforms for the Pro Bowl Madden NFL games between 2001 and 2007.

EA Stadium Edit

The EA Sports team played at EA Stadium from 1997 to 2003. The stadium has a capacity of roughly 75,000 with a grass field surface.

EA Sports Bio (Madden NFL 98 to Madden NFL 2004): Edit

The team behind the teams. The people who bring you Madden NFL.

Uniforms Edit

Home: White Helmet, Blue Jersey with Red Shoulder stripes, White Pants with Red and Blue stripes.

Away: White Helmet, White Jersey with Red and Blue shoulder stripes, Blue plants Red and White stripes.

Trivia Edit

  • In Madden NFL 2001, the South River Ecko and Redwood City EA Sports share the same stadium.
  • The team has no special abilities but the players have names from the development team of EA Tiburon and NFL players from decades ago.
  • Coolest thing about their stadium is that it had a glass roof that went across vertically (or horizontally depending where you're viewing it from) from one side of the stadium to the other side.

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