For the achievement of the same name, see Put Da Team On My Back (achievement).
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I do this shit, for Madden!

"Greg Jennings (Broken Leg) scores on the saints," better known as Put Da Team On My Back, is a Youtube video featuring Madden NFL 10 player Demetry James scoring a 99-yard touchdown pass from Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers to wide receiver Greg Jennings, who was in the game despite a leg injury, against the New Orleans Saints. The video, which received millions of views, was notable for James' profane, humorous commentary.

An achievement in Madden NFL 12 was named and inspired by this video.[1]


The video features Demetry James commenting on a replay on the last play of a game against his friend "Gumby" over Xbox Live. Already up 42-20, James threw a 99-yard touchdown pass from Aaron Rodgers to Greg Jennings against Gumby's Saints to go up 49-20 with no time remaining. Jennings had been reinserted into the game despite a broken leg.

During the commentary, James expresses amazement to Gumby over how Jennings was able to catch the pass despite the injury. James then goes "inside the mind of a Greg Jennings" to speculate what Jennings could be thinking on the play. James' version of Jennings is suffering from a lot of pain, but decides that he still has to "do this shit, for Madden!" Near the goal line, James expresses horror when Saints safety Darren Sharper closes in on Jennings. However, Jennings manages to avoid Sharper's tackle for a touchdown.

Gumby had left during the middle of the replay session, leading to James to shout "Fuck you Gumby!" at the end of the video.[2]


The video was originally posted on Youtube on April 18, 2010, but it did not become widely viewed until October 2010. Eventually, it became famous enough that Greg Jennings would be asked to comment on the video.[3] On June 14, 2011, Jennings created a profanity-free parody of the video with his family.[4] The video inspired an achievement in Madden NFL 12, which require players to throw a 99-yard touchdown pass to Greg Jennings (Jennings does not need to be injured).[1]


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