Pleasanton Superbowl Edit

The Pleasanton Superbowl are a team from Oakland, California. They have an overall of 99 and features players from the Superbowl team, most noticeably, the St. Louis Rams and Tennessee Titans' roster. The team appeared from Madden NFL 94 to Madden NFL 2003.

Old Oakland Stadium Edit

The Superbowl team plays at Old Oakland Stadium like the Millennium and All-Madden team which has a grass field surface with a baseball diamond at one end of the stadium. The capacity of the stadium is roughly 65,000.

Uniforms: Edit

Home: White helmet, blue jersey, gold pants.

Away: White helmet, white jersey with blue shoulder stripes, gold pants.


  • The announcers do not say Pleasanton but they say "All Madden" instead.
  • The only way a team like this would exist if the NFL did regular games between the team who won the superbowl and the team who won the superbowl at the start of the decade.
  • Old Oakland Stadium is Network Associates Coliseum but with the retro Raiders end zone look.

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