The North Pole Toymakers were a fantasy team that hailed from North Pole, Antarctica. Their overall rating was 96 with an offense of 99, a defense of 91, and a special teams overall of 99. They have no special ability but do appear as actual Christmas Nutcrackers and only appear in Madden NFL 2000 and Madden NFL 2001 on the PS1 and N64.

Christmas Stadium Edit

In Madden NFL 2000 only, they played at Christmas Stadium which is a stadium surrounded by gigantic-sized presents. The capacity of the stadium is roughly 20,000 making it the 2nd lowest stadium in capacity. The lowest is Dodge City Stadium where the Shiner Marshalls play.

Toymakers Bio (Madden NFL 2000 - Madden NFL 2001) Edit

Located in the freezing, snowy weather of Antarctica, the Toymakers are colorful nutcrackers ready to take down any opposition within their Christmas-themed stadium.

Uniforms: Edit

Home: Green and Orange helmet, Orange Jersey, Green Pants.

Away: Blue and Orange helmet, Blue Jersey, Blue Pants.

Trivia Edit

  • The North Pole is located in the Arctic, not Antarctica. One might speculate why its North Pole, Antarctica in the game could be due to an oversight.
  • Their uniforms bare resemblance to actual nutcrackers even though the orange is supposed to represent the red color on a nutcracker's clothing.
  • Christmas Stadium appears to be surrounded by presents which suggests its location within Santa Clause's workshop.
  • On one side of the stadium, there is a present labeled EA Sports all over it.


(PS1) Madden 2000 secret unlockable fantasy teams

(PS1) Madden 2000 secret unlockable fantasy teams

Madden NFL 2000 Fantasy Teams (Toymakers are at 21:18)