Sean Payton Card

NFC Head Coaches CollectionEdit

Reward: 25,000 Coins and Super Bowl Sean Peyton Card

Cards Needed

Card Name (Team) OVR Card Tier

Mike Shannon (Redskins) 85 G

Lovie Smith (Bears) 70 B

Raheem Morris (Buccaneers) 35 B

Ken Wisenhunt (Cardinals) 85 G

Wade Phillips (Cowboys) 80 B

Andy Ried (Eagles) 92 G

Mike Smith (Falcons) 85 S

Mike Singlatry (49ers) 80 S

Tom Coughlin (Giants) 88 S

Jim Schartz (Lions) 75 B

Mike McCarthy (Packers) 83 S

John Fox (Panthers) 81 S

Steve Spangolo (Rams) 65 B

Sean Payton (Saints) 97 G

Brad Childress (Vikings) 80 S

Pete Carol (Seahawks) 35 B\

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