Motor City Junkyard Dogs Edit

The Junkyard Dogs hail from Motor City, The Wasteland. They are a team of punks that do try to play the game a bit unfairly at times. They only appear in Madden NFL 2000 and Madden NFL 2001 on the PS1 and N64. Their offense overall was a 96, the defense overall was a 72, and Special Teams overall was 66 giving them a combined overall of 81.

Junkyard Stadium Edit

The Junkyard Dogs played at Junkyard Stadium. It resembles a garbage dump surrounded by lots and lots of trash. The stadium has a grassy field surface type with trash mixed in and a max capacity of around 36,000.

Uniform Edit

Home: Green Helmets, Black Jersey, Green Pants.

Away: Green Helmets, White Jersey, Black Pants.

Trivia Edit

  • They are the only NFL team named after garbage and trash.
  • Their uniforms are like the 49ers but with different colors.
  • They wear no helmets but instead have green mohawk colored hair.

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