The Manipulators were a play-changing team from Hidden Valley, Mythtropolis, just like the Kickers and the recently relocated Monsters. They had the ability to change the other team's play immediately like in Superstar mode or after the other team's play has been called. If the Manipulators and Manipulators playing against each other, then they change the plays on each other. In Madden NFL 09 to Madden NFL 10, they had a overall of 96 but from Madden NFL 11 to Madden NFL 12, they had a overall of 99.

Champions Stadium Edit

Just like the Kickers and the recently relocated Monsters, they play at the Champions Stadium in Hidden Valley, Mythtropolis.

Manipulators Bio Edit

Don't lose your concentration or The Manipulators will be more than happy to take advantage of your weak mind!

League Championship Message Edit

After what seemed to be a futile attempt at creating the ultimate obedient team, owners failed to see the Manipulator's actual power and now, just like every team they face, are under their control!

Uniforms Edit

Home: Red and Black from Helmet to Pants.

Away: White and Red from Helmet to Pants.

Trivia Edit

  • The location name of the Manipulators is not known but could be either Hidden Valley Manipulators or Mythtropolis Manipulators.
  • The creation of this team (like many of the other Madden Fantasy/Secret teams), could be a result of a freak accident while experimenting new teams in a league separate of the NFL.
  • If the Manipulators had their own stadium name, it would be most likely called "Mind Changer Stadium."


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(PS2) Madden NFL 12 unlockable teams

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