This is the guide to Madden Rosters. Here you can learn what rosters mean. To see an example of a roster, see Chargers.

The roster abbreviations are on the top line in bold face, and what it stands for is directly to the right of it.

  • FN First Name
  • LN Last Name
  • J# Jersey Number
  • POS Position
  • OVR Overall
  • SPD Speed
  • ACC Acceleration
  • STR Strength
  • AGI Agility
  • AWR Awareness
  • CTH Catching
  • CAR Carrying
  • THP Throw Power
  • THA Throw Accuracy
  • KPW Kick Power
  • KAC Kick Accuracy
  • RBK Run Block
  • PBK Pass Block
  • TAK Tackle
  • JMP Jump
  • KR Kick Return
  • INJ Injury
  • STA Stamina
  • IMP Importance

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