The Kickers are very powerful kickers where they hit the ball through the uprights (goal posts) every time. Their first appearance was Madden 09 on the PlayStation 2 version until Madden 12 on the same console. In Madden 09 and 10 their overall rank is 90, in Madden 11 and 12 overall is 97, offense is 98, and defense is 99.

Champions Stadium Edit

Like the Monsters and the Manipulators, their stadium was in Hidden Valley, Mythtropolis. The stadium capacity is a total of 95,515 and the surface is dirt. Since the Kickers have no location name (Cleveland for example), their name could either be the Hidden Valley Kickers or the Mythtropolis Kickers.

Kickers Bio Edit

Although not the most intimidating of teams, don't underestimate the Kickers and their "automatic" talents.

League Championship Message Edit

Overlooked, unacknowledged and often times forgotten, this team of crabby kickers is through with taking abuse and are looking for validation! They are not to be taken lightly...

What are they Based On Edit

They are actually based on a Madden card when a player kicks 50+ field goal attempts.

Uniforms Edit

They have only two uniforms: Home and Away. No alternate uniforms.


Helmet: Black with Yellow Stripe with Kickers logo on both sides.

Jersey: Yellow with black shoulder stripes. Number color is dark blue and outline is black.

Pants: Black with blue stripes.


Helmet: Black with Yellow stripe with Kickers logo on both sides.

Jersey: Blue with black shoulder stripes. Number color is Yellow and outline is black.

Pants: Black with blue stripes.

Trivia Edit

  • The design of their uniforms resemble uniform designs of the 40s and 50s.
  • They are champions of the Newbie League.
  • Despite being Newbie League Defending Champions, they are quite the hardest team to beat in rookie mode (easiest difficulty). Some games end with the Kickers scoring nearly 20 points or more without scoring a single touchdown.
  • If you run into the quarterback, it will call a "Roughing the Kicker" penalty.
  • If they had their own stadium, it would be most likely called "Field Goal Stadium" since of their long field goal drives when they kick as it always hits between the uprights every time.

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