Industriopolis Industrials Edit

The Industrials hail from Industripolis, G39. They have no special ability but do look like robotic-like players. They also only appear in Madden NFL 2000 and Madden NFL 2001 on the PS1 and N64 with an overall of 95.

Industrial Stadium Edit

In Madden NFL 2000, they played at Industrial Stadium which has a industrial-like field surface. The stadium also probably has a 90,000 capacity limit.

Uniforms: Edit

Home: Silver Helmet, Silver Jersey, Red Pants.

Away: Silver Helmet, Silver Jersey, Blue Pants.

Trivia Edit

  • The Dummies and Industrials are closely related since both share the same Industrial-like field surface.
  • At one end of the stadium, there is a large, green tank.
  • The end zones are both blue with Industrials writing on both end zones.

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