Giza Mummies Edit

The Mummies hail from Giza, Egypt which is not far from Egypt's capital of Cairo. They have an overall of 83 with an offense of 86, a defense of 83, and special teams overall of 74. They have no special ability but do appear like actual Egyptian Mummies. They appear from Madden NFL 2000 to Madden NFL 2004.

Old Egypt Stadium Edit

From Madden NFL 2000 to Madden NFL 2004, they played at Old Egypt Stadium which showcases a Pyramid on one side of the stadium and a Sphinx on the other side of the stadium with a dusty and sandy field surface. The stadium has a capacity of roughly 40,000.

Uniforms Edit

Home: Dark yellow helmet, jersey, and pants with mummy-like dark brown stripe around them from head to toe.

Away: Blue helmet, brown shoulder stripes, yellow jersey, and brown pants with mummy-like yellow stripe around them from head to toe.

Trivia Edit

  • The stadium is located in the Sahara Desert, one of the hottest places on Earth.
  • The stadium seems to be the only populace building for miles around just like the Tridents Stadium.
  • The fans appear like mummies. The same would go for some other fantasy teams like the Toymakers for example.
  • The stadium has an alternative name called Nile High Stadium.
  • The Mummies are featured in Madden NFL 2004 only on the GameCube by linking it with the GameBoy Advance.

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