Franchise All-25 Edit

The Franchise All-25 team featured only in Madden NFL 25 as part of the game's 25th anniversary. It has no special abilities but have players with overall of 99 on offense, defense, and special teams.

Madden NFL 25 Edit

The Franchise All-25 team played at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, Michigan not far from the Detroit Lions' Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan. The stadium has a capacity of over 109,000 people making it the largest football stadium in the United States, 2nd largest stadium in the world, and the 34th largest sports venue in the world.

Uniform Edit

Home: Black Helmet, Black Jersey, Red Pants

Away: Black Helmet, White Jersey, Red Pants

Trivia Edit

  • The team featured only in Madden NFL 25
  • The team plays at Michigan Stadium, the largest American football stadium in the world.
  • The team features players from the best in the NFL.

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