Deep Space Comets Edit

The Deep Space Comets were an NFL Fantasy team that hails from Orion's Belt and they only appeared in Madden NFL 2000 and Madden NFL 2001 on the PS1 and N64. They had an offense of 100, a defense of 78, and special teams of 78 with the overall being 87. The team has no unique special abilities but they do like actual human astronauts from outer space.

Space Station Stadium Edit

The Comets played at Space Station Stadium in 1999 only. It has a turf field surface type and has a capacity of roughly 55,000 to 60,000. The end zones are white with the word "Comets" surrounded by a blue and black outline. The fans in the crowd are astronauts and aliens.

Comets Bio (Madden NFL 2000 to Madden NFL 2001): Edit

Far within the outer regions of intergalactic space, the Comets hail. Located in the Orion's Belt, these castaway astronauts are ready to take on any Earthling American Football team.

Uniform Edit

Home: White Helmet, White Jersey, White pants with red stripes.

Away: Red Helmet, Red Jersey, Red Pants with White stripes.

Trivia Edit

  • Only NFL fantasy team in outer space.
  • Only NFL team that played in space suits.
  • Only appeared in Madden NFL 2000.

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