All 90's Team Edit

The All 90's Team only featured in Madden NFL 2000 and with no special abilities, they have an overall of over 90 and feature the best NFL players from the 90's decade. Some examples include Jim Kelly, Andre Reed, Troy Aikman, Barry Sanders, Emmit Smith, Deion Sanders, Reggie White, and even Cris Carter.

Madden NFL 2000 Edit

The All 90's Team played in the Cowboys Stadium in Irving, Texas not far from the current Texas Stadium the Cowboys play in today. The capacity is over 65,000.

Uniform Edit

Home: Purple Helmet, Purple Jersey, White Pants with black stripes

Away: Purple Helmet, White Jersey, Purple Pants with black stripes

Trivia Edit

  • They play in the same stadium as the Cowboys.
  • Their logo is purple with 90's in white lettering.

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