All 80's Team Edit

The All 80's Team feature the best NFL players from the 1980's decade. Like before, they have no special abilities, overall of over 90, but do have talented players. Some examples include Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Walter Payton, Ozzie Newsome, Mike Singletary, and Ronnie Lott. The team featured from Madden NFL 96 to Madden NFL 2000.

Madden NFL 96 to Madden NFL 2000 Edit

The All 80's Team played at the Candlestick Park in San Francisco. The same stadium the 49ers used to play before playing in Levi's Stadium. The capacity of the stadium was around 70,000.

Uniform Edit

Home: Red Helmet, Red Jersey, White Pants

Away: Red Helmet, White Jersey, Red Pants

Trivia Edit

  • They share the same stadium with the 49ers.
  • Logo is Red, White, and Blue with 80s in the center of the logo in yellow.

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