All 50's Team Edit

The All 50's Team featured only in Madden NFL 96. It only contains the best players from the NFL during the 1950's including players like Otto Graham and Frank Gifford. They have no special ability but have overalls of over 90.

Madden NFL 96 Edit

In Madden NFL 96, the team played at Pro Player Stadium in Miami, Florida. The stadium capacity of Pro Player Stadium was over 60,000.

Uniform Edit

Since they are barely any images of the team on the internet, their uniform is still not revealed but anybody that knows what colors their uniform was, feel free to edit appropriately.

Trivia Edit

  • Only All-Madden decade team to feature in only one Madden Game other than the Superbowl and Millennium teams of Madden NFL 2001.
  • They share the Pro Player Stadium with the Miami Dolphins.

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