All-Star EA East Edit

The All-Star EA East team was featured between Madden NFL 07 and Madden NFL 12 on the PS2, Xbox, and GameCube, and Wii consoles. It's a draft game that features the best draft class from the eastern section of the United States from the Mississippi River to the Atlantic Ocean. The team had no special abilities. Their offense, defense, special teams, and overall stats were always kept hidden to the player.

Aloha Stadium Edit

Like the AFC Hall of Fame, NFC Hall of Fame, Honolulu AFC, Honolulu NFC, and All-Star EA West, the All-Star EA East played at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii. The stadium has a capacity of over 50,000 seats with a turf-like surface.

Uniforms: Edit

Home: White Helmet with Red and Blue stripes, Blue uniform with red shoulder stripes, white pants with red and blue stripes, red socks.

Away: White Helmet with Red and Blue Stripes, White uniform with red and blue shoulder stripes, blue pants with red and white stripes, red socks.

Trivia: Edit

  • Only playable in the Franchise Mode during the off-season before the NFL Draft.
  • Uses the Gary Kubiak offense and defense style playbooks.
  • Are part of the EA Team's rookie program.
  • Only features rookies, no pro players.
  • Shares the Stadium with more than 4 teams.

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