AFC Hall of Fame Edit

The AFC Hall of Fame was a team that appeared from Madden NFL 07 to Madden NFL 12. They feature the best players of all time from the AFC. Their overall is 99 but the team has no unique special abilities and is one of the first teams in the Supreme League Playoffs.

Aloha Stadium Edit

The AFC Hall of Fame (including the AFC Conference team and the All-Star EA East and All-Star EA West) played at Aloha Stadium. It has a turf field surface type and has a max capacity of roughly 55,000.

League Message Edit

Dan Fouts, Thurman Thomas, and Joe Greene are just some of the legendary names that make up this AFC squad of all time greats. Don't stay star-struck for too long or they'll fly right by you!

Uniforms Edit

Home: White Helmet, Blue Jersey with red shoulder stripes, White pants.

Away: White Helmet, White jersey with red and blue shoulder stripes, Blue pants.

Trivia Edit

  • AFC and NFC Hall of Fame teams are based off the greatest players that have played the NFL the best.
  • First teams to beat in the Supreme League playoffs.
  • Share the same uniforms as the AFC and NFC teams in Madden games prior to Madden NFL 09.
  • One of two fantasy challenge teams that do not have a bio.

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