Jim Caldwell Card

AFC Head Coaches CollectionEdit

Reward: 25,000 Coins and Super Bowl Jim Caldwell Card

Cards Needed

Name of card (Team) OVR Card Tier

Josh McDaniels (Broncos) 75 B

Marvin Lewis (Bengles) 85 G

Eric Mangina (Browns) 30 B

Norv Turner (Charges) 82 S

Todd Haley (Chiefs) 50 B

Chan Gailey (Bills) 40 B

Jim Caldwell (Colts) 85 S

Tony Sparano (Dolphins) 80 S

Jack Del Rio (Jaguars) 55 B

Rex Ryan (Jets) 92 G

Tom Cable (Raiders) 45 B

John Harbargh (Ravens) 85 S

Mike Tomlin (Steelers) 95 G

Jeff Fisher (Titans) 90 G

Gary Kubiak (Texans) 80 S

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